My Thoughts on the Oculus Rift


Returned the Oculus Rift today.

I didn’t return it because I couldn’t afford it.  I didn’t return it because I was dedicating all my time to it.  I returned it because even though it was enjoyable, it just felt very limiting.  There’s only so much you can currently do in the game and as a first-person shooter (FPS) gamer I truly enjoyed Robo Recall.  It comes free with the Touch controller purchases and after trying a handful of other FPS games, I think Robo Recall outshines them all.  Even Arizona Sunshine, which is a zombie-shooter pales in comparison to the amount of “stuff” you can just do in RR.  Ripping bots to shreds – check.  Upper cutting bots – check.  Robo-shield – check.  Dodging bullets and throwing them back at bots – check.  The list goes on and the limit is your imagination.

One of the coolest games outside of the FPS world was the Climb.  Talk about getting sweaty palms, forehead and other parts I mean this game really immersed you in high altitude environments and was absolutely refreshing and tiring to play.  If you like working those shoulders out, this game will be perfect.  I enjoyed it, my mother-in-law enjoyed it and my wife enjoyed it.  This kind of game appealed to all audiences.

At the end of the day though, this wasn’t worth the $2,000 price tag associated with having to purchase the $600 Oculus Touch package and another $1,000+ for a computer system that can handle it.  Even if you already own the system which requires the 10 series nVidia GPU to run efficiently it’s still a lot to shell out for entertainment compared to a $300-400 console like the XBOX or PS4.  I think this platform needs time, but right now in 2017 it’s in the early adopter phase and just not worth the money.


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