Self-Balancing Drift Scooters and Hoverboards

  To date I’ve had the chance to test this sweet ride for 3 weeks.  I was lucky enough to have a friend that linked me to the product and I have to say it’s definitely a piece of life-changing technology. Like Beats by Dre or wireless headphones this technology can definitely be incorporated into daily life, the question is only whether or not anyone is willing to lean forward and adopt it.  Weighing 22lbs and with a top speed of 6km, this is a very portable transportation device.  So far, news media has shown only celebrities rocking these hoverboards (see Justin Bieber, Wiz Khalifa, and the unfortunate cameraman that knocked out Usain Bolt.)  Celebrities are not the only ones these hoverboards cater to, it has pragmatic applications for the everyday person. Commuters are already implementing these devices into their daily routine because they are as efficient (both in fuel and cost) when compared to bicycles but smaller, practical and can be ridden up all the way to the cubicle.  CEOs and employees have already incorporated it into their routines as a method to increase productivity hours during office hours.  The basic concept is that the quicker it takes for an employee to get to the water cooler and back to the keyboard, the more work they can accomplish.    

  Then…. 2 days ago I got the Sipone S1.  The difference between the previous version and this one is night and day.  Whereas the previous version was straight-forward in control functions (lean forward to go forward, backwards left and right) this one has a different stabalizer and price point.  My buddy called it the “Lamborghini” of the hoverboards, and it sure as hell feels like one.  The stabalizer for one auto-compensates for the forward-lean when moving forward and backwards, allowing the user to increase the previous speed of 6km to 12km.  Unfortunately, it comes up just short of $1,000 and would be hard for most to justify the cost when the previous version is just as practical.  The Sipone S1 is the definitely for those with richer tastes but for the average user the smart hoverboard is just as good.

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