US VISA IMMIGRATION Application Process

The US Visa Immigration Application Process

Disclaimer: This details my own personal experience with the system and in no way guarantees your process. Given our unique dispositions, attitudes, and interpersonal communication skills every experience will be different.

This blog assumes you have already followed USFK guidance on enrolling your spouse into the DBIDS military system and all the subsequent steps following your marriage.

January was when I decided to file for a US immigration visa for Elise. It was all new to me and my experience in the matter comprised of small hearsay gathered from various sources. I decided to go straight to the source and emailed the contact off the USCIS – Korea website (easily found off Google). I received an email back from a Mr. Leigh who was more than helpful in assisting me with a “to-do list which I had to compile for the initial petition.

We already had most of the documents in Korean so Elise translated to English in the same format with bars and graphs and I took them to a Mrs. Choi at the Camp Humphreys legal office. She is certified to, well…certify translated documents and does it with a two-day turnaround. With documents in hand I withdrew $420 in cash ad picked a day to go to the US Embassy through the website. Make sure you print out your appointment slip.

The US Embassy is located off Exit 2 at the Gwanghwamun (광화문) station, Line 5 and the USCIS office is located on the 3rd Floor. Be prepared to bring a copy of the appointment print out when you go, I was not aware of this so I made a call to Mr. Leigh who spoke to security and let us in. Security will confiscate your electronic devices so be prepared for that. The process was fairly painless: we arrived on the 3rd floor where I presented my documents to a woman (there was no wait) and after briefly reviewing them and adding corrections in red pen. I’m making the assumption if there was something you don’t know when filing the I-130 or G-325A to leave it blank. It’s much easier to add than cross out and have to reprint. Once the corrections were made the woman sent me to the cashier on the second floor to remit $420 payment. You can go straight to the cashier window for payment.

After I brought my payment receipt back up to the 3rd FL, I received instructions to wait for further email instruction that will arrive in 3-4 weeks that will require your spouse to complete a medical screening and police background check.

More to follow when I receive those instructions.


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