Top 5 iPad 2 Apps for May 2012

I’ve had my iPad 2 now for about 2 weeks and I have to say I haven’t put it down once. I was late to jump onto the tablet bandwagon simply because I thought “it’s just something I don’t need.” Boy, was I wrong. Aside from the aesthetics of the iPad over other tablets (personally I think the large screen real estate is a plus) and the fact that it plays nice with my Macbook, Apple TV and iPhone it is the gateway link to one of the biggest app markets out there; and that is what this review centers on.

Firstly, my iPad 2 is a 32-GB WI-FI version (since I can create a personal 3G hotspot via my iPhone a 3G iPad wasn’t worth the extra $100 since the additional functionality would only allow it to function as a GPS device). The case I recommend is the Griffin Intellicase for iPad 2, $30-50 and keeps the iPad from being bulky. Slim and sexy.


Now, onto the app review:


By far the most useful productivity app – provides iCloud syncing, compatibility with Microsoft Office documents, provides abilities to take notes quickly and efficiently. Inside the application itself it allows you to record voice notes and take pictures right into the note itself; so if the professor is talking too fast just press the microphone.



Social media junkie? Flipboard combines Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google Reader, LinkedIn, Tumblr amongst other SM sites all into one virtual magazine (yes it scrolls flawlessly). The app doesn’t lag and it also adds other general categories of interests such as photography, technology or what ever else you choose to customize.



Moving along the magazine aisle we come across iBooks, Apple’s default eBook reader that can read both books purchased from the app store as well as PDF files you save on your computer and email to yourself. VERY useful since I add all my Army Field Manuals and Army Regulations into my iBooks. 1000 pages into one tablet, yes! Kindle for the iPad is also a very useful eBook reader with it’s own flawless interface.


A very useful remote desktop application that spans across OS platforms. From my iPad I can control my desktop at home from even another country (tried it in Shanghai). You can access across either 3G or WI-FI as this works on the iPhone as well. It’s very simple to set up, you simply download the client on the desktop you wish to use and then download the app on your iPad/iPhone. One of the best RD apps to date.



Cooking application that is free and has a major in-depth list of receipts. Smooth and fast interface – what more can I say?


Other apps of interest are Dropbox (online storage and iCloud sync 2GB) , SignNow (allows you to email yourself PDF documents and sign them right on your iPad), SlideShark (display powerpoint presentations on your iPad or through AirPlay Mirroring to your TV), AirVideoFree, VLC Streamer, and lastly the best game to date is Pocket Ninja.

A game with promise is Last Stand (free Time Crisis like game which was free at the time of writing this article).


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