Soul to God Jazz Club

So.. this one Saturday I decided to pursue a jazz club with my girlfriend. I’ve always wanted to go to a jazz club back in the states but never had the chance to.  I figured trying one out in Korea couldn’t be bad and may even be worth my while; after all, music is universal right?

First we took the subway to Gangnam-gu Office and got out at Exit 4 on the coldest night possible.  Not more than 100m from the exit I was thinking to myself, “man, I can’t feel my ears.” Directions from their website was foggy but we asked a man and he pointed to the right and said walk 800m that way. Bracing myself and holding my girlfriend’s hand we walked through the valley of death. Eventually, we came to the jazz club front and climbed the stairs.  It’s pretty quiet when it first opens at 1700. We had reservations for 1800-2100, but when we arrived around 1830 it was pretty empty. It also seemed like it didn’t matter making reservations on a Saturday night because there was only one other couple in the entire place.  The band showed up around 1930 started with slow soft jazz tunes. The vocalist was singing in English for the most part or throwing out syllables more than half the time but the atmosphere was still pretty enjoyable.

Be warned: the menu is EXTREMELY expensive. A slice of strawberry cheesecake is 1.8 (translated into 18,000 won) on the menu. A long island iced tea was 2.8  – I was a little disappointed by the high prices and mediocre band. All in all though it was a worth while experience.  Next time, I’ll try Hongdae instead.


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