Jisan Ski Resort

Recently I went on a ski trip (twice actually) to Jisan Ski Resort in the Gyeonggi-do province of Korea. During the holiday season the cost of a day ticket is 65,000 won (9-430pm) and I would suggest rentals at any of the nearby stores close to the resort. These stores are literally walking distance and I have seen many tour groups rent off site and walk across the street towards the lift. If you choose to drive there are directions below and the resort does not charge for parking.

Punch this into your GPS:

Gyeonggi-do Icheon-si Majang-myeon Haewol1-ri San 28-1

**Right before the last left your GPS tells you to make, ignore it and go straight forward. It will be a road that looks like this (   ㅓ  )  At that intersection if you look straight you will already be able to see the slopes. Like a fly to the light….



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