Bulgogi Ju se yo!

Korea.  Been here a little over a week and a half and I love what this country has to offer.  The culture of the Koreans is one of much respect, humility, yet also vanity.  In one week I have learned the importance of respecting old traditions (i.e. utilizing both hands to receive or give) and maintaining one’s outer appearance.  Unlike the US, Koreans applying for jobs must first pass a “look” test where the interviewer will determine by photo alone if a candidate is right for the job then follow by inspecting the resume.  The women on the streets all wear heavy make-up and heels.  Gone are the Converses or sneakers…it’s just HEELS.  The men all wear them skinny jeans, but I do like the v-neck, maybe I’ll get a few while I’m here and test the power of my bargaining skills.

I feel at home, Chinese culture doesn’t differ much from Korean culture and a lot of what I learned growing up correlates directly here.  The Army’s hooked up an awesome APT for me – rank does have its privileges.  I can definitely do this for a year.

Everything here is super cheap… from food to tour events to mass transit I give it a $/$$$$$.  An all you can eat meat buffet today cost us only $14.50USD, almost unheard of back stateside where buffets themselves run upwards of $19USD.  Yes, definitely a year.

Next time, when I’m not so meat/food-coma induced I’ll write a brief tutorial of what to expect on arrival to your duty station here in Korea – one big deficiency I find in our system to the disadvantage of our service members.  Stay tuned.

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