Natural Selection

As I drove to work today I observed the damage left by the storm the previous day.  There were downed power lines from fallen trees, some mailboxes were uprooted and flooding was everywhere; I rerouted twice to get to my destination.  Traffic control devices were also out so right of way at intersections were arbitrary.  Of course I used my own set of flashing lights to get through intersections.  😀

As I drove I thought more about why some trees fell while others didn’t, the apparent reason was that some were not as well rooted, while others were more brittle – old branches unable to sustain vicious winds, what ever the reason the conclusion was – the weaker trees were destroyed while the stronger ones remained. Why is this significant? Recently I read a study on Venusian Arts, interesting stuff that talks about gene preservation, mate selection, and overall study of the social dynamics in human society.  All through history we see Darwinism at work, specifically his study on natural selection.  We see this with breeding of species, the powerful and desirable genes being preserved while the weaker genes were wiped from the genepoool.  We see this evident in nature just as I described it earlier.  Therefore, this must also pertain when applied to humans and their interactions.

We see it almost 90% of the time  – guys choose the girls with the highest looks/brain ratio and girls choose men who are successful in terms of finances, looks, and overall social stability.  The “would he be a good husband/father mentality”.  The rare 10% are the relationships we sometimes see that make us think “why is he/she with him? ” As humans we are selfish and have a vested interest in self-preservation of ourselves and our family.  If we say we want the best for ourselves, I assume it would apply to pre-mate selection and pre-family conception.

Just my thoughts.

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