It’s been such a long time since I’ve updated this blog.  But quite honestly not much has changed – I’ve gotten a new phone, I’ve solidified the OCS path, I will be leaving July 14th for sure, and I started the NJSP application process.  The NJSP application process is still in its infant stages so I won’t discuss that for now, however, OCS is pretty much set into stone at this point.

My thoughts on OCS.  First thing that comes to mind is An Officer and a Gentleman movie with Richard Gere.  I saw it at work the other day and it definitely left an impression on me.  The whole process of officer-candidate is starting to dawn on me. I must admit, earlier on back in December when I heard I was leaving in July I was a bit crestfallen and even was discouraged to the point that I was going to just find another career path.  But now 3 months later and still jobless (minus the part-time job) I’m pretty glad I stuck with the commitment.  The feeling is paramount to seeing the tip of the sun coming over the horizon.  It’s a good feeling to have knowing your future is guaranteed in front of you.

There’s a number of things I will miss when I’m gone for months.  Among them are my friends, missed experiences with them, my family, but mostly my dog Casper.

Now that the clock is ticking, everything that I do is more meaningful.  Every action every thought has to have a purpose that edifies or improves someone’s life.

Well enough rambling, more later.

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