Float like a bird drop like helicopter

I have a lack of non-meaningful and meaningful things to write about so instead I’m going to devulge into my two presently viable future goals; places where I see myself in 5 years.

1. Army Helicopter Pilot

040414-F-7823A-009Currently I’ve knocked off a plethora of requirements for OCS, better known as Officer Candidate School for the Army.  Through this process I hope to become two things: an Army officer that is commissioned into the Aviation branch.  Two of the most important aptitude tests I’ve taken so far I’ve done well on (thanks to the grace of God), and on the scale of terribad to perfect I was told I did “above average.”  From my own research and from what my recruiter has told me to date, being selected in the Aviation branch is a crapshoot-  meaning I have a 1/10 chance to be comissioned into that field.   That’s one of the main downsides to OCS, the government puts you where they need you not where you want to be.  With that in mind, Im slightly unsettled and nervous about the future in terms of the Army but I know that by faith and supplication in the Lord his plan for me will manifest, and in that I find peace.


2.  NJ State Trooper

stateFor the longest time, since I saw my first state trooper I had wanted to be one.  From the tightly pressed uniforms and the way they’re modeled after West Point Cadet uniforms to the no-nonsense stoic look all NJSP troopers possess, it was a career that eminated professionalism and commanded respect.  This type of rank and file order is rarely seen in today’s society where – when everyone is left to their own devices, chaos usually ensues and is made evident by the media. 

Maybe there is a reason why I lean twoards these two options but I’ll have to further explore that in a future post b/c at the moment I don’t know what the reason is myself.

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