The Bucket List

The Bucket LIstHow do you sum up one’s life is the question presented by this movie.  I just got home from work and was eating dinner when my mom threw in this DVD into my ps3.  At first I wasn’t quite elated aside from the fact Jack Nicholson was in it, but as the movie progressed it raised many questions about our life and how others view us.  After watching this, I felt compelled to express some of my thoughts because quite honestly there was a part in this movie that almost… ALMOST moved me to tears.  It’s quite sentimental and I do suggest to those who haven’t yet watched it to watch it.  (Seriously, how many of you are going to torrent this? Cheap-o’s.)

My summary in a nutshell.  The basic premise is that two men from contrasting rungs of society end up together in a hospital room due to a common illness where they slowly learn about one another as well as find a way to deal with the enormous social gap between them.  As the story moves on eventually…( no spoiler alert) and a bucket list is made.  For those of you who don’t know what that is, it’s basically a list people have of things they want to do before they … err… kick the bucket; very much like 101 things to do before you die type of deal.  Through this list they embark on a journey of friendship, discoveries, and redemption.  It’s a story about two men learning about the different values and opportunities life has to offer and how each of them become changed as a result which is why I recommend this movie to anyone.

In a society today where morals are lacking and many many pointless and stupid movies are made (Mariah Carey’s Glitter and Whiteout?) this one’s hot off the press, refreshing and real – it’s a must watch.

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