SerenityTake a look at that image.  So very soothing and as you stare it makes you think sometimes of what life is all about, about all these random thoughts that sometimes pop into our head on the way to the grocery mart, work, or just driving for long periods of time.  Your mind begins to drift to what was, is and could be.  After working in healthcare for 7 years and seeing life begin as well as end I wonder is this all there is?

This blog is going to be a venue for all my thoughts of grand subjects as described above down to very specific everyday things such as my hobbies and how-to’s.  The how-to part is also one of the reasons I began this blog as Google search engines cache WordPress pages too.  Not to mention, the WordPress is completely awesome.  I feel like I’m working on a Mac, but online.  I love the drop downs and the simplicity of it all.  Wordpress seems so far to be the best blog I’ve used.  Before this was xanga, and before this was livejournal.com which i know is still very much alive because my college creative writing teacher had her entire syllabus on it.

The last reason for this blog is to try something different.  English teachers in high school and college always told us to write write write – then when finished with one composition notebook to write write write again.  The unending process of jotting down one’s thoughts as they materialize help faciliate brain growth and creativity.  I’ve fallen victim to the twitter based society of our time where as soon as one thinks one uploads.  Much more on that at a later date but I still will be using twitter.  Follow me, will ya? http://www.twitter.com/caleb_lin

There’s so many things going on in this world that we can’t all be a part of so this is my attempt to share the part which involves me.  I’m have this feeling of wanting to end like how Gossip Girl does thanks to all the influences at my volunteer squad.  MrWordPressor out.

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